Warm Weather Hikes

Our favorite hikes so far this season that are close to home or just a short drive away.

Stroud Preserve – NEW! This was our first visit to this Preserve.  We just love visiting these preserves that are part of the Natural Lands Trust.  And this one certainly did not disappoint. We decided to do the Red Loop – 4.2 miles – moderate.  What a beautiful hike! Over a creek, through rolling hills, passing horses and field, back through the woods.  We were diverted towards the end because of nesting birds but this was well worth the drive from home.

Tyler State Park – This one always makes the list.  With so much rain this past spring we have really appreciated the paved trails that meander throughout the park.

Haycock Mountain –  Exercise. Exercise. Exercise.  That is what this was good for on a Sunday afternoon.  The trail starts out nice with a gentle slope but soon after the trail is difficult to follow.  The boulders are immense and are very neat.  At this point is a good place to stop if travelling with young kids.  We then began to climb over the boulders to reach the top.   There is no trail or guidance for which way is best to go.  And the view from the top even in early spring was blocked by trees and was not that impressive.  However for a good quick strenuous hike this was checked the box.    In order to find this place -Follow Route 563 to Top Rock Trail (name of road), there is a parking area a short distance on the left.

Mariton Wildlife Sanctuary and Wilderness –  We visited this Preserve  (also part of Natural Lands Trust) again as planned in the spring for a good strenuous walk.  This time we began our hike going straight up Turnpike trail.  We then wandered down and back up North Fox Trail.  This is a nice well maintained unpaved trails but definitely provided a good workout!  We then ventured down the River Lookout Trail overlooking the Delaware – amazing view!