Sleeping, Drinking, and Eating in Jackson Hole

Just five minutes down the road from the Grand Tetons Southwest entrance there is a Village…

2015-08-15 06.53.35… Teton Village.  And indeed this wonderful ski resort turns into a magical village during the summer.  Music playing, kids running through the stream, plenty of outside venues to eat & drink.   It was really a great place to retreat to after a long day of hiking.

2015-08-15 06.57.49
Our condo is the first one up… huge amazing wrap around deck. Loved it!

Hotel: We stayed at Hotel Terra – Private Residence in a one-bedroom condo with a kitchen.  I found this on a home rental sites but turns out it was through an agency called Luxury Retreats.   I do not recommend booking through Luxury Retreats.  This was an amazing property and we were thankful to have such a nice space to come home to every night.

View at the Top.

Favorite thing to do:  Most nights we would enjoy a long soak in what was really a huge hot tub overlooking the common area..happy that the kids staying at the hotel also enjoyed turning on the jets!  However the best was the FREE lift ride on the Gondola to The Deck.  It was nice to just sit back and enjoy the view.  After our 2nd ride on this, we decided this satisfied our want to reach the top on the mountain and skipped the costly tram.  Afterwards we would enjoy a drink by the cozy fires at the Handle Bar.   That was about the scope of our exploration and restaurants at Teton Village.   We of course stopped through the Mangy Moose Saloon but preferred to pick up beer at the local Bodega.   Only regret was doing Thai in Jackson rather then here.

Map:  Hotel did not give one.  Check this out to know what is in the area

Do you know the difference between Jackson and Jackson Hole? …

And further down there is a town…

Jackson.  Coming from an amazing small town, Jackson did not overly impress us.  It crossed the line of being to touristy for us.  That being said we did go into town several times and here are some of the favorite things we did.

Wednesday Nights:  By far our favorite.  This is where the locals hang out.  I don’t have one picture for we were having such a good time.  It starts with Jackson Hole People’s Market.  Local produce priced right. Great people. Don’t forget your cup .   This was followed by Jackson Hole Live – a great opportunity to  relax, hear music, sip some local beer from Snake River Brewing, and taste multiple best restaurants at their food trucks!  This is an event not to miss.  Very laid back.

Arts: National Museum of Wildlife –  Great little museum. I was overwhelmed by the large area devoted to Rungius but  after visiting another small museum dedicated to one artist who chose the opposite and to only show a few of his works on view, where I left disappointed, I began to appreciate this museum’s approach to displaying so many of his works. And once again we came across a sculptor by Anna Hyatt Huntington…   TIP: The outside sculpture garden and the temporary current exhibit Circle of Animals (through 10/11/15)  also outside can both be viewed for free so even if you are short on time it is well worth a quick trip to see. DSC00228

Dining:  A Birthday dinner for my  husband at Snake River Grill was beyond amazing. Ranks as one of the best ever. We got seated in a wonderful booth with a window to the kitchen. Not sure how we lucked out with that.  If you do one meal in Jackson make it this one.  Eating in the other nights and splurging on this meal is well worth it!2015-09-16 21.14.08

Drinks:  Snake River Brewing enjoyed their beers. Thai Me up offered some good brews (but skip the food), and my husband so enjoyed his tasting of Wyoming Whiskey that we bought a bottle for him (and got this great bandanna)…I think he should be their new mascot….


RVA Here We Are!

What a long drive! Did not arrive until close to midnight so we slept in this morning…  This was easy to do even in a second floor room – we were amazed just how quiet the city streets were on a Friday. After leaving the hotel, we quickly realized we were in a bit of a dead zone – no government building, no office building, only one other hotel, and very few buildings that contained some sort of business.  It was impossible to find a cup of coffee and a bakery item.  There are so many neat neighborhoods that I learned about from a cousin who lives in the area… but the hotel is not in one of them!  We stopped at my usual first and favorite stop – The Visitors Center – for a map.  Amazing help in planning out our short time.  We decided to follow the Liberty Trail – something they are just starting and it is really neat.  Check it out here:

We diverted off the trail to go up to the Observation Deck in City Hall (thanks to the tip from our helpful Visitor Center guide)!  It was really neat to get a bird’s eye view of the city. (Picture is taken from up there.)

One of our historical stops was a visit to the Museum and White House of the Confederacy.  This included a guided tour of the house by a great tour guide.  He really knew his stuff!  Museum had a lot of neat stuff – we liked the downstairs full of oddities – like this doll that

was use2014-08-15 13.50.42d to smuggle medicine.   We then followed the trail to the Virginia State Capital and Executive Mansion.  We were amazed to be the only people wandering around!

After a day of history, we decided to finish by wandering down the huge hill all the way to the Canal.  Shockhoe Slip neighborhood is super neat with lots of shops, people, and places to eat, and try out the local beer.    Southern Railway Taphouse was the just the right spot — Relaxed environment – not yet crowded so we were able to sit at a high top with our daughter.  Great deals on lunch and beer for it was happy hour! (Service not so great but that did not matter for did not mind the wait)

Not much to do around the hotel so we enjoyed an evening swim. There was one neat spot – Pasture – had some good local beers and food (boiled peanut hummus – yum!) to eat!

As the sun sets …. let the journey begin

Headed on a family road trip down south. Looking forward to some good family downtime at the beach in South Carolina.  Lots of fun outdoor adventures planned, low country cuisine and lots of fresh seafood.  Being a late starting journey we will drive straight to halfway point of Richmond VA. Looking forward to checking out this city for the first time.  Plan to begin this journey with exploring civil war history, eating southern food, and tasting local craft beers.

The Journey

The destination, no matter how great, or how long one is staying, can only be reached through a journey.  I love finding wonderful places to explore along the way.  Today’s journey is to the Green Mountains.  Sculptures and stores to see, pastries to taste, and rivers to cross are just some of the possibilities along the way.  Who knows where today’s journey will take us!