Best Craft Beer in Bennington – Ramunto’s!

This won’t come up as the best craft beer place in Bennington. It didn’t show up on any list I saw for a place to have good beer in Vermont (and I seek out as many as I can find on the Internet). It also won’t make the top places to eat in Bennington on TripAdvisor. .. but this place recommended by a local for pizza on our last trip was a must return for exceptional craft beer from New England. Yes. Not just VT. But being from Pennsylvania there is a huge number of beers here that are not available in PA. Oh and pizza is amazing… remember order at counter.. no table service… love it… pizza and a blueberry porter… yum… (and if one is wondering why these are posted days later… it is because posting on a cell in the mountains of Vermont was not working out too well!)