Half Moon Pond State Park Campground.. many miles away from anything… but an amazing place to camp!

Due to bad luck with rain which seems to follow us whenever there is a tent in our car, we decided to go with a cabin on this trip. Well… this was no exception. The rain poured hard on our first night and we were thankful to be in a little cabin.

This campground is sure tucked away! After leaving Bennington we drove the scenic route through Manchester to Fair Haven to pick up groceries. A storm ripped through knocking out power and roads scattered with tree limbs. We did not believe Matilda (our GPS) when she told us to turn off an already quiet road to then follow down a dirt road (a sign would be helpful) but indeed three miles down was the campground. We were welcomed by a friendly Assistant Park Ranger who was very helpful for us a first time visitors… apparently a rare thing at this hidden treasure. I was very surprised just how nice the cabin was! (Note – This would be a great spot to take a first time camper or for a family wanting to try out camping). It would be our home for the next few days as we explored the wonderful towns and backroads of central Vermont.