The Great Expedition Westward

When one vacation ends the planning for another begins…

… For me.
… For you.

Perhaps at this very moment, you are planning a trip to the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone – what an experience awaits you!

I knew it would be impossible to blog everyday so instead I kept the memories stashed in pockets of shorts, backpacks, and suitcases – scribbled notes, torn maps, trail guides, mementos, pictures, and even a recipe.

It’s now day 10 since our trip had ended. I am struggling to write for it seems like closure to the end of a wonderful journey—a year in planning and a lifetime of wishing..

It is now time to pull together those memories and share my trip of our Great Journey Westward…a trip of a lifetime that forever changed us. I need to put aside seeing it as closure and instead see it as a way to remember and share our two-week adventure. And hopefully may it inspire you … however or wherever that may be …to begin the planning for your next journey.

The Journey from Philadelphia to Wyoming

Week One  – Grand Tetons 

Week Two – Yellowstone