Random Beer Garden

I randomly came across this place in the search for good beer in the San Antonio area and thought it would be a nice stop on our way home from a visit out in the Hill Country. It was a Monday night and not much was open. We were not sure if this was open but decided to venture off the highway. As we approached down the dark road to an empty parking lot I will admit we hesitated. Luckily we remembered the best adventures are the unknown ones so we parked. After you walk through the barn and walk into the tented (in cooler months) beer garden you are quickly greeted by (in our case only one) other patrons, bartender and the owner. You look up to 80 shining taps of both favorites and unknown breweries and you know you have stumbled upon a gold mine. And the bartender is quick to help you find the perfect beer. We were lucky for the owner was also there and proceeded to stay for hours giving us an amazing tour of the home and the property. We were just travelling as a couple on this trip but without a doubt this is family type of place were all can have a good time. Where in the world can you find both? The owner and his wife truly fulfilled their mission that Monday evening…we were just two travelers roaming the Hill country …but we left Random feeling like family. It was a stop we will never forget and hope to return to again in 2016. What an amazing place!