High Rocks State Park

Visit the website: High Rocks/Ralph Stover State Park:

Best time to Visit:  Fall This is was one of the most popular and well know places in Bucks County for seeing the beautiful fall leaves.  At High Rocks one can look out over a 200 foot sheer rock face cliff overlooking Tohickon Creek. If you can find the parking lot and a place to park, then  it is just a short stroll from your car to see this amazing view.

Our Favorite Hike: We prefer to park at Ralph Stover State Park at the base and  hike up to High Rocks because it can be difficult to park at High Rock.    The approach of first crossing the creek and climbing up the hill to the vista makes the view all the more spectacular and extends this to a good workout hike.

Newly found hike:  This place is beautiful to also hike in the Spring so long as it is not wet.  On our last visit we  decided to park at High Rocks…. and could not find a place to park (I should have taken my own advice)!!  Starting at the Tohickon Valley Park  you can wander through the campground and connect with the park.  There is amazing scenery, good hiking for exercise purposes and best of all not all the crowds!


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