Best Craft Beer in Bennington – Ramunto’s!

This won’t come up as the best craft beer place in Bennington. It didn’t show up on any list I saw for a place to have good beer in Vermont (and I seek out as many as I can find on the Internet). It also won’t make the top places to eat in Bennington on TripAdvisor. .. but this place recommended by a local for pizza on our last trip was a must return for exceptional craft beer from New England. Yes. Not just VT. But being from Pennsylvania there is a huge number of beers here that are not available in PA. Oh and pizza is amazing… remember order at counter.. no table service… love it… pizza and a blueberry porter… yum… (and if one is wondering why these are posted days later… it is because posting on a cell in the mountains of Vermont was not working out too well!)


First Brewery… Madison

Good local brewery serving decent beer and ok food. Buck’s Honey Wheat beer could have had a little more honey taste for my liking. My husband enjoyed the Witte. However favorite was another Vermont Brewer named Trapp. They had the Dunkel… Deliciousness. Wish I was visiting that brewery this trip…but not this journey…oh so many miles still to go..1406132633313

Bennington VT

What a great little town filled with so many neat things to do – there is something for everyone.  My favorite start  is at the visitor center and  this one did not dissapoint.  What a beautfiul place inside!  Free donuts and coffee were wonderful! The guide working knew so much about the local area and shared with us local occuring events that otherwise we would have missed -like seeing  the fun painted catamounts at the farm.   Bennington Pottery is a great place visit especially for those interested in making pottery.  There is a little self guided tour in the back where they make the pottery followed by the shop… just be careful for you can get caught up in the moment of  buying something made right there and pieces (even the seconds) add up quickly!  We then decided to go on the hunt for relics of Vermont at the Camelot Antique Center —  huge shop to roam and find unique items.  It is easy to loose time (and those you are shopping with) at this store. And though the Apple Barn may be seen to some as a tourist trap, prices were in line if not cheaper then at other places selling VT items and oh the bakery goods were delicious!    Head on over to Bennignton Monument afterwards but arrive before 5:00 so you can go up in it…. we missed that.  But there is only so much you can fit into one day… before the journey begins again with many miles still to go…

The Journey

The destination, no matter how great, or how long one is staying, can only be reached through a journey.  I love finding wonderful places to explore along the way.  Today’s journey is to the Green Mountains.  Sculptures and stores to see, pastries to taste, and rivers to cross are just some of the possibilities along the way.  Who knows where today’s journey will take us!