Experiencing Yellowstone

There is no comparison between the Tetons & Yellowstone National Park.  They may be close to each other but that is about it.  The two complement each other – one offering quiet hikes and the other offering amazing never seen before natural wonders… and I am so glad we explored both on one vacation.

Hiking boots ~ sneakers is the best way to describe it.  

You can see a million pictures of Old Faithful or Grand Prismatic but until you are there to see the bold bright colors, smell the sulfur, hear the bubbling mud pots … there is nothing like experiencing Yellowstone.   How fortunate we are in the United States to have National Parks that preserve and make some of those wonderful sites accessible to everyone

In preparing for a trip to Yellowstone, you will find hundreds of sites listing out the best things to see.  By the end you will have a list so long that it would take you years to see, hike, explore, and visit all those things. As stated before, best not to have a plan. When my daughter and I reflect on our trip we remember the events that occurred at those amazing sites… the moments that turned into lasting memories.  Here our are favorites for the time it was just her and I:

DSC00357Staring into the beautiful Abyss Pool at West Thumb Geyser Basin –  This is the best place to stop when coming in from South Entrance to get your first Amazing Moment!

Walking the Boards around Old Faithful in the cool evening hours when the crowds have gone… best reason to stay at Old Faithful Inn!

Encountering our first Bison:   One way road with a drop to the right and a wall to the left and him staring right at us…DSC00487

Relaxing in a nature made hot tub where the boiling water meets the river:  Just outside of Mammoth – Gardiner

Having an afternoon picnic Nez Perce Ford

Missing Old Faithful countless times but instead watching it erupt in the dark as kids shined flashlights on it

DSC00425_1Rising early (at my daughters request) to hike the small unnamed path that is between the old cabins at Canyon Village to see the sun just beginning to shine over the Canyons

Leaving the crowds behind midday to hike Fairy Falls (Old Faithful Area), Beaver Ponds Loop (Mammoth Hot Spring Area) and Mount Washburn (Day Hiking in Yellowstone)

Exploring in the evening hours when the crowds are gone:DSC00397

*Around the Lake….Hiking Pelican Creek Trail

*At the Canyon Area …driving the North Rim  and watching the sun set just me and my daughter

*At the Forts…Doing the historic tour of the Fort at Mammoth Hot Springs Area when the only other visitors are the elk

And of course our experience on Washburn …….will be the one adventure we will never forget!



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