The Journey from Philadelphia to Wyoming

So many people before and during the trip  were puzzled by our choice of arrival airport –  Idaho Falls  … but what an amazing small airport to fly into.  The flight was cheaper (even with an upgrade to first class),  the rental car was less money, and it was far easier to stock up on necessities for our two-week expedition.

It was beautiful little city – My husband  picked up some unique and local beers for us to enjoy on our trip at  Marcellars

There is an amazing outdoor sculpture no20150808_140028t to be missed.  Our first moment stop along the way was seeing the Snake River –   a vital water resource that we would later float on and cross over many more times.

This also gave us the chance to stop in Victor Idaho. We had several places in mind to visit but it was a far shorter trip then planned for we had wandered aimlessly20150808_184052 - Copy in the grocery store (not sure how that happens but the bins of unique ingredients just caughtour eye) and we only made it to Wildlife Brewing We enjoyed driving over the pass like the early travelers did an This was a wonderful way to arrive in our final destination and one I highly recommend looking into!

20150808_201050 - Copy


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