A change of pace for us

Sipping what is quickly becoming my new favorite cocktail,  Hemingway Daiquiri,  thanks to the talented bartender at a.bar while people watching out unto the Square …  ahhh yes.   What a relaxing way to spend a hot afternoon followed by a dip in the pool at the Rittenhouse Hotel?  And after a nice swim being driven (ha ha ha) to a concert outside at the Mann Center listening to Colbie.   And nothing says a night out in the city to return to our room with light jazz piping from the radio and our slippers and robe awaiting…only to change into our evening attire and head for a midnight nightcap at Tria Tap Room followed by a late night walk around the square.

This is a change of pace for us. Hiking boots no where in site. Instead a last minute getaway planned as a deal popped up on LivingSocial and credit card points were awaiting use…

And what better way to cap off the weekend then a meal at our favorite Steven Star – Dandelion -in a cozy room surrounded by dogs and friendly bartenders. We could not leave  without picking up Luxardo Maraschino Cherries for my new favorite cocktail and so we happened to stumble upon a cooking demo at Williams Sonoma where we proceeded to buy it all.. alas time to go… but waitbefore we go just one more stop for Sunday School at Tria at Fitler Square.  Too full to enjoy more then the cheese taste of the day, we know where our first stop will be the next time we venture into the city.


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