Hickory Run State Park

Our visit here was an overnight trip for we had a place to stay at the Lake Harmony Community.  However I was amazed what a quick drive this was from our home in Bucks County – just a little further then we’d usually go on a day hike and so I added to our list of day trips close to home.

We did several nice hikes at Hickory Run State Park –  great place to visit especially with a family for scenic hiking.  We chose one very quiet hike where we did not pass a single person (but not scenic until we hit the dam)-  Fourth Run Trail 

On day two we woke up early to see the beautiful falls (for it had rained recently)- Hawk Falls Trail – this is a very popular hike  for you get a wonderful waterfall view with just a .6 mile hike.  However the lot fills up quickly so arrive early.  Do not try to approach from the back-end – we tried from the Orchard Trail turnoff and  ended up turning around.

A nice stop on the way home was Jim Thorpe – definitely returning there with our bikes and a stop for good beer and delicious Polish Food – by far the best brew pub food I ever had — Red Castle Brewery – great and unusual beers which we brought home a few bottles.




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