Diverted by Chance… Will return as the Destination

On our drive home after leaving the not so exciting Route 6 and finding no place to get more than just a snack,  I turned to Untapped to see what local places I could find.   It led me to a gem – North Slope Brewing Company.  The owner has hired a talented crew and we got to meet one of the brewers.  His passion AND knowledge of beer making combines to brew well crafted beer. We have visited a lot of different small breweries and all were good but this one tops the list.   Beer was on par with our favorite places like Ommegang and Weyerbacher.  This is amazing well crafted beer that you can tell a lot of thought is going into.   He is following old school recipes Mountaineer Beer (German Alt) and his brewer partner is creating the most unusual beer – Booyakasha made with cucumber essence that really tastes like cucumbers unlike other cucumber beers I have tried.  We even tasted a Cider and by far was the best I have ever had – perfectly tart.  And paired with this is amazing fresh food (best bread) coming from the local area.  Delicious!

Although it is a drive from my home, we will return without question! I highly recommend if passing through, or within a sixty mile radius, that you divert your route past North Slope.


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