Too beautiful of a day to get right in the car..

So just as with any good journey,  plans can easily change.  A new discovery.    Today it was Hills Creek State Park.    Although the lake is man made, it is a wonderful, rather remote, and quiet State Park.  The lakeside trail loops around the lake:  A perfect 3 mile easy hike for a day when you want to take it easy but still enjoy beautiful scenery.   We decided it would be the perfect place to camp on a future trip to this area.

W2015-05-25 13.25.39e were glad we made the stop for most of the remaining journey on Route 6 was underwhelming. Scenery was beautiful but the hype of the site PA Route 6 Alliance did not match the experience. It seems it had good intentions of bringing tourists to this area but could use signs along the way to point out sites, guide travelers to downtown areas and business (food!) not right on Route 6,  and guide maps along the way (using cell service is difficult in this area)

Two sites along the way worth noting -Marie Antionette Overlook-  the view from this overlook beautiful.  It would be well worth a return trip to divert off Route 6 to visit the French Azilum that we saw below.

We also enjoyed the welcoming town of  Wyalusing.  We stopped at the River Barge Brewing/Grovedale Winery and were relieved to have found a place to eat.  We noticed the Quilted corners of  Wyalusing  and wish I had this brochure on hand .   Although I am not a quilter, seeing these large quilt corners on barns, churches, and other buildings was pretty neat. Perhaps we will return to explore self driving guided tour.


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