Distance not Steepness this time on the AT

Arriving at the trail access for our second AT hike, driving past the main lot, the overflow lot, and then finally finding  a spot in the second overflow lot — I was overwhelmed by the number of hikers to this area. I had not ventured beyond the recently found AT website ( amazing site showing trail access and parking) and did not realize that the trail crossed through the Dunfield Creek Natural Area – where multiple trail heads through Worthington State Forest start.  What a beautiful spot and a wonderful place to explore with young hikers!!

Hike Two on the AT

My worries of a crowded trail quickly ended.  Upon taking the left towards the AT, you will quickly realize how few of those visitors venture unto the AT.  Although we had our packs full, we had not set expectations of how far to go  (around five miles being our goal).  We quickly learned we could do a nice loop – about 9 miles if we included the pond, or skip the pond and do 7.25 (that was far enough for us).  A challenge but I will take a loop anytime it is offered even for an extra few miles.

Loop Back

Note – Hike on the AT was nice, however after a rocky descent on the green blazed Dunnfield Creek Trail, it then begins to level out and follow the Dunnfield Creek.  A very scenic and fun hike skipping across the creek – by far our favorite part of the journey.  Looking forward to returning to the area to the do hike around Sunfish Pond!


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