Freezing Rain and Fate

If it were not for the continuous downpour added with cold temperatures, the road taken that day would have been very different.  The free tickets began the turn and we decided to pursue.  And what to our welcoming surprise then an adored sculptor of mine to welcome us –  Anna Hyatt Huntington – (for those who follow my posts you may immediately recognize this name –  the Visionary behind Brookgreen Gardens that we visited this past summer).

You could take everything out of the Phoenix Art Museum – all of the artwork – and still have an amazing time.  The building itself is a piece of art with wonderful nooks and crannies,  built in benches, glass banisters that make you feel there is nothing separating you from the steps above and the ground below. (And what to no surprise the architect,  Alden B. Dow, was a student of Frank Lloyd Wright)

Add allowing a young artist such as my daughter to freely take pictures in some galleries added to the experience.  Stuffiness was not present in this museum. We fell in love with the works of Philip Campbell Curtis and were certainly more then just a little intrigued by his paintings.

Rain or No rain.  Free or Not Free.   Add this to your list of places to visit in Phoenix.


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