Over the mountain we go..

… to Charlottesville!

What a change in weather.  As we descend the mountain there is no snow to be found and the temperature is 5 degrees warmer! This makes it a perfect day to visit Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello.    Taking the walking up the hill provides a good opportunity for exercise, fresh air, and knowing just how high up on a hill Jefferson built his home.   If you choose this route, your tour begins with  the end of his life; the cemetery (interesting to note – Privately owned by the family and still in use).   After leaving the cemetery, you enter through Mulberry Row.  Even on a cold winter day, the gardens still have a few plants growing, primarily herbs which still smell wonderful.   I was amazed by the size of his gardens, vineyards, and nursery.  The grounds of Monticello are a work in progress.  Just this past year the Mountain Project  was launched to restore and recreate what was originally found on the property.  I always find projects like this very interesting – figuring out what was really there and peeling back the layers to represent how it really was.

We were hungry after our visit and decided to visit Charlottesville for lunch. Our trip into Charlottesville took us right into the middle of town where an open Market filled with Christmas music played by old and young musicians. Charlottesville Historic Downtown Mall – Charlottesville, VA Listings. After eating a great burger and too many fries at Relish – we decided to explore a few breweries.  We had enjoyed a Star Hill beer with Thanksgiving Dinner and decided it was the perfect place to go -in Crozen.  They only sell beer – no food so be sure to eat before you go (or hope a food truck is outside) and offer a few beers on tap we had never seen in bottles.Our favorite however was there beer called Snow Blind.  We decided to make one more stop as we drove up the mountain at Blue Mountain Brewery.  Wow was this place packed!  They offer a great flight of all their beers which was a lot of fun for most of them (majority) were new to us.

After a great day out sightseeing there was nothing better then returning to our cozy cabin and enjoying the fire.


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