Twisting and Sampling in Lititiz

Where else can you go to the site of the first pretzel factory in the new world and get to learn how to twist your own pretzel.  Then walk just a few blocks and begin to smell the aroma of chocolate?  And even better samples are inside where that smell is coming from!  You have reached the home of Wilbur Chocolate and the famous chocolate bud! Then step across a threshold and feel like you’ve crossed the sea into an English pub. This is no gimmicky over the top themed place – it feels like the real thing as you cozy up to a  pub table with another group and enjoy hearty fare  (all the while being to enjoy this experience as a family).  Bulls Head Public House is amazing! Ordering up at the bar added an even more relaxed feeling and it was difficult to leave (luckily the delicious dinner is followed by just as good dessert – sticky toffee pudding – allowing all plenty of time to relax.)

What a great impromptu day trip just focusing in on the one town of Lititz.  We usually start this journey to Lancaster County either much earlier or stay overnight… but got a late start.

.. However for the short drive of 1.5 hours it was well worth the experience.. Oh and the goodies we brought home (close to ten pounds of pretzels and chocolate)…


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