Taking the unknown path…

Okay – So this is was certainly not one of our best rides but it was an Adventure.   On our hour drive north to get to the D&L Trail – Lehigh Canal North bike trail, we crossed over another path and decided to stop and see where it went.  It was already late afternoon, a beautiful day and leaves already changing up in this area.  We were anxious to get out and get moving.  The trail quickly ended… but as we looked at our Google map on our phone there APPEARED to be a trail down by the river at Canal Street Park.   And when we reached, indeed there was trail marker leading us to believe that we had reached a part of the D&L Trail – Lehigh Canal.   Unfortunately the next sign said walkers only. Huh?  Then it quickly turned to a grass path,  road through a gun club, then turned into a single track mountain bike path.  Oh my!  We had hopes of it returning to a semi gravel path after seeing another rider  come the other way, but realized he was on a mountain bike intended for this type of terrain.    We went back and joined back up with the Nor-Bath Trail.   This is a really nice, very flat, 5 mile trail one way with pretty scenery.   Very nice ride to do with all family members or on a day when looking for a shorter ride. After getting home we reviewed our favorite site for rail trails; TrailLinks: there is indeed a D&L Trail Canal South – and a North… apparently there is nothing between the two!!    (And one more note — The ride ended nicely by finding a local place, Keystone Pub where we enjoyed tasting over seven kinds of seasonal beers.)   .. So all in all a good fun day!


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