We must squeeze in a second visit to Brookgreen…

…and I am so glad we did.  The day started with seeing my first Bald eagle in the wild…and very close up…This was not like he was way up in a tree and we could hardly see him… no he was right by the pond we were walking by and the caretakers of the property alerted us that the eagle was right ahead of us.  He then went up in a tree right in front of us.  


We also decided to spend the money and go one of the tours.  We did the Northern Trek.   Brookgreen is a 9000 acre property .  You loose sight of just how large the property is and how much of it is not developed. Riding on old plantation roads, this tour takes you deep into the property which has remained pretty much untouched since the plantations were deserted and slavery was ended.  For me it was both chilling and unsettling.  There has not been excavations of the property due to lack of funds (according to our tour guide). On the tour you pass several slave cemeteries (one still in use),  drive through what was the Oaks Plantation, and see a historic rice mill chimney.  Well worth the money for this tour.   

2014-08-21 14.29.05 (2)…And certainly well worth the second visit…. 



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